Root Canal Therapy Can Help Save Your Tooth

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy (a root canal) is a common procedure at Reynolds Dental. By removing the tooth infection, a root canal can restore a diseased tooth to healthy function. Contrary to popular belief, it is typically no more painful than filling a cavity.

David L Reynolds DMD would suggest a root canal treatment if your cavity has progressed to infect the nerves in the root of your tooth. If left untreated, a cavity this deep can cause a large abscess and may even lead to bone loss in your jaw as well as other health problems. A crown is recommended after the root canal is completed in order to protect against tooth fracture. The crown can also prevent infections from spreading to other areas and can help keep you and your smile healthy. If you are concerned about an issue with your teeth and you believe that a root canal may be the solution, please call us at 843-383-5777 or email us.